Power springs

Power (return) springs from Sigma are made of strip material and are usually placed between the inner shaft and the outer housing. A torque is created between the inner shaft and the outer housing. There are various winding techniques to give the material the desired curvature to match the torque requirements. Recoil springs have many similarities to clock springs, but have a much larger operating range in terms of number of turns. Recoil springs can be used to wind up cables, hoses, seat belts and more.

Recoil springs are a vital part of many technical systems, providing stability, elasticity and return force in a variety of applications. Their ability to adapt to different torques makes them indispensable in many industries, including automotive, medical, textile and many others.

The Sigma company prides itself on its expertise and experience in the production of return springs. Contact us today and find out how our rebound springs can support your specific needs with superior strength and elasticity.

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