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Springs are key elements in many products and systems. They are used to provide resistance, shock absorption, or energy storage.

You can find all types of springs on our website, including:

Sigma is a company that manufactures compression and other springs. We have many years of experience in manufacturing compression springs for a wide range of applications.

As experts in the spring industry, we proudly present our range of high quality tension springs designed to meet a wide range of needs and requirements.

Male vlačne opruge

Sigma magazine springs are a key element in the firearms industry, providing reliable and efficient support in the process of loading a magazine or chamber with bullets.

Disc springs are a specific type of spring used in various industrial and technical applications due to their unique characteristics and advantages.

Sigma torsion springs are a key element in various industrial and technical applications, providing stability, elasticity and rotational strength in various systems.

Materials for the production of springs

The choice of material for the production of springs depends on the specific application and the desired characteristics of the spring. Some of the more common materials include:

Springs, with their extraordinary versatility and ability to store and release energy, play a fundamental role in engineering design and innovation. From complex mechanical devices to sophisticated aeronautical systems, springs are the invisible heroes that power our world.

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    Tvrtka Sigma nudi najširi asortiman opruga kupcima u različitim industrijama. S jedinstvenom stručnošću u visokoj tehnologiji, drugoj generaciji s više od 50 godina iskustva, rješenjima po mjeri i fleksibilnim proizvodnim kapacitetom, Sigma je partner za gotovo sve zahtjeve kod opruga.

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