Magazine springs

Sigma magazine springs are a key element in the firearms industry, providing reliable and efficient support in the process of loading a magazine or chamber with bullets. These specific compression springs are characterized by oval or rectangular threads, designed to ensure optimal functionality in different types of firearms.

Different types of firearms require different spring shapes and specifications to ensure proper and reliable loading action. This may include variations in spring length, number of turns, or the force required to properly push bullets into the chamber of the weapon.

Sigma magazine springs are made from high-quality materials and strictly controlled manufacturing to ensure excellent reliability and long-lasting performance. Our expert team is dedicated to providing the best solutions for your needs, be it standard products or fully customized solutions according to the specific requirements of your project.

As a leading manufacturer of magazine springs, the Sigma company guarantees a high level of quality and reliability of its products. Contact us today and find out how we can support your magazine spring needs with our expertise, experience and dedication to superior service.