Braided (multi-wire) springs

Braided (multi-wire) springs from Sigma are an important element in various industrial and technical applications. These springs are designed to provide elasticity, resistance and stability in various systems where it is necessary to control movements, absorb shocks or maintain a certain pressure or tension. They are used as compression, torsion and tension springs.

Braided springs are constructed from high-quality materials, such as steel or stainless steel, and are shaped into specific geometric shapes to provide the desired performance. Their structure enables even distribution of the load and ensures long-term and reliable operation in different operating conditions. Due to the strand structure, multi-wire springs can handle higher loads and reduce torsional stresses at high deflections, even in fully blocked conditions

Advantages of braided springs

One of the key advantages of braided springs is their flexibility and adaptability to different application requirements. Whether in the automotive industry, the construction sector, medical devices or other areas, braided springs provide a high level of performance and reliability. Multi-wire springs are the preferred choice of designers in sectors with limited installation space and high dynamic loads, especially in the armaments sector.

Price of braided springs from Sigma

The price of Sigma braided springs depends on several key factors that affect their production and characteristics. Some of these factors include:

All these factors are taken into account when determining the price of braided springs, and each order may have its own specific characteristics and requirements that affect the total price of the product.

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