About us

Sigma Company is proud to offer the largest range of springs on the market, providing a wide range of products and solutions adapted to different industries. Our expertise in the production of springs is the result of continuous investment in high-tech equipment and the development of new technologies. We combine traditional metalworking with an innovative approach to create high quality springs that meet the strictest standards.

As a family business with more than half a century of experience, we are dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch service and support. Our expert team is at your disposal to provide advice, technical support and tailor-made solutions to ensure that your projects are successful.

In addition, Sigma stands out for its agility and adaptability, enabling us to respond quickly to changes in demand and specific market requirements. Our flexible manufacturing infrastructure allows us to adjust production to meet your needs, regardless of order size or project complexity.

With Sigma as your spring partner, you can be sure you’re getting top quality products, reliable service and expert support to help you achieve your goals and exceed expectations.

Sigma proudly manufactures and offers a wide range of springs, including:


These different types of springs are made with the utmost precision and care to ensure their high quality and functionality. Regardless of your specific needs or requirements, you can rely on Sigma springs for reliable performance and outstanding durability.